coach bags i actually found it really scary

Chinese people prefer the U.S. light luxury brand reason lies in us and European monetary system, China's consumer spending in the United States can get more discount.In the first half of last year, according to bloomberg,external links for paying members only the number of Chinese tourists to the United States grew by 25%.

In order to get Chinese consumers, Coach has increased a lot speak Chinese staff,external links for paying members only also began to use micro letter for marketing, and increase the new stores in China.The result is that, China's market share is increasing.

Citigroup analyst Oliver Chen said Chinese consumers are drawn to the United States gradually, external links for paying members only, this kind of new brand has played the important role of appeal to Chinese consumers.At the same time, Michael Kors emphasize fashion, Kate Spade offers bold design, these brands and strong growth.

Yesterday, the reporter comes to chicony plaza.Within the mall external links for paying members only counters on the ground floor, goods and merchandise partition lady put.

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